About Us

G'day, we are the Tara Festival Committee!  
We're a bunch of Tara locals who love to see how the Tara Festival transforms our town.

We get a kick out of seeing the fun that the event brings and also the economic boost it gives to our small town of  Tara.
That's why we volunteer and put in the big hours - to pull it all off every second year.

We first brought camel races to Tara in 2001 and from a humble beginning, its certainly now grown in to a major tourism event, attracting more than 16,000 attendees to the 2017 event.

The event was originally run by Tara Futures Group and today is run by an incorporated, not-for-profit association, operating as Tara Festival Inc.

President:  Linda Petersen
Secretary:  Toni Rolles
Treasurer:  Ros Wade
Camel Racing Coordinator:  Lou Thornbury

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