10 Reasons Your Kids Will Love Tara Festival!

Check out why we think your kids are going to be thrilled at Tara Festival 2017!!!

1) Show Inspired by Disney Movie 'Moana'

Yep, that movie they loved in the cinemas - these talented dancers are going to bring the Polynesian culture of Moana to life on stage at Tara Festival! This will be part of a full 30 minute cultural stage show, also featuring exciting Haka Dancing!

2) The Globe of Death

Two blokes riding bikes at speed with great precision inside this globe of steel!  We challenge your kids not to scream with excitement!

3) The Camel Races

That moment when the camels come hurtling down the track will be a memory your kids will take with them for years.  Even better will be their memory if one of the stubborn camels sits down mid-race or runs in the opposite direction in stubbornness!  There'll be six camel races Saturday and another six Sunday.

4) The Yabbie Races

After each Camel Race is run on the Saturday and Sunday, there'll be Yabbie Races on the trackside.

5) Sheep Shearing + Sheep Dogs

Watching a shearer skilfully take the fleece off a sheep entrances children every time!  There'll be sheep shearing, wool handling skills to watch, plus also sheep dog trials on display during the festival.

6) This!!! Native American Hoop Dance

Check out this video of Bernard Mana, who'll perform this Indian American Hoop Dance on Friday night and during the day Saturday.  He's a talented man with a talent for exciting others, especially the kids, about the cultures of the world, with a special focus on Polynesian culture too!

7) Exciting Cultural Stage Shows

There's so much noise, colour and excitement in the Cultural Stage Shows the kids will be spellbound!  Including: a Carribean Steel Band, New Zealand Haka Dancers, Latin Drummers and Dancers and Indigenous Australian Performers.

8) Entertainment everywhere!

All through the Festival there'll be exciting entertainers roving around and surprising the kids!  See the pictured 'Bubble Bot' riding around on a segway, plus Mrs Pink, as well as stilt-walkers, and Wally the Clown.  The kids will love Wally's amazing abilities - juggling, magic, riding a very tall uni-cycle, and riding the smallest bike you’ve ever seen!

9) Huge Fireworks Friday!

Friday night is always a treat for the kids, with the exciting cultural stage shows followed by a massive fireworks display.

10) Free Kids Rides Saturday

There will be some little kids amusement rides available all Festival, but as a special treat four of these rides will be FREE all day Saturday!

OK, we lied, there are more than 10 Reasons Your Kids will LOVE Tara Festival...

11) Judah Kelly

If your family happened to watch a certain singing TV program, then you'll likely have heard of this guy!  See him singing Saturday night!

12) Camel Rides

Don't travel to the back of beyond for this experience - camel rides will be a special first time experience for lots of kids at Tara Festival.  Available for an extra cost (sorry we're not yet sure what the cost will be, but it's an affordable way to get this amazing experience!).

Plus!  Mum and Dad will be happy too because Family Tickets are so affordable.

Check out ticket prices here

Check out the Festival Program here

See you at Tara Festival, 2 hours west of Toowoomba from 4-6 August 2017!